Boulevard of Bad Spells and Broken Dreams: Void of Course

A creature, waist high to Taina, with a Cheshire-Cat grin, a British accent, two iridescent blue wings, and a squat, leaf-green body materialized. His choice bits were barely concealed by a brown rag. “What the F^&*! A fairy in this human … Continue reading →

Along the Boulevard of Bad Spells and Broken Dreams

There was never a good time, astrologically or emotionally, to pay a visit to the place where your entire family had been murdered. Especially in this neighborhood where it wasn’t a good time to go anywhere or do anything. Was it karma that the car was breaking down as she was on her way there for the very first time since that terrible night? Was it because she hadn’t allowed enough time for the lingering effects of her void of course moon to wane? Or was it Reason Number Three: The South Bronx was no place to play amateur detective-or witch?

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Upcoming Fall Events: Celebrating Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy

Now that the summer sun is waning, it’s time to turn my attention to fall activities. Some of the events planned so far are September 9 interview on Coffee Time Romance and two multi-author blog tours, all with some great prizes. … Continue reading →