Deborah and I hope to see some of you on Cape Cod!


I’m headed to the Cape for my annual book tour. Hope to see some of you on the Brewster and Orleans beaches. Look for the car with the magnets and my big red beach umbrella and say hi. I am also at beach yoga whenever possible.

Can’t make it to the Cape?

Need Beach Reads?

There are special deals available on Amazon (while supplies last)

Breakwater Beach: Book One, Paperback Special  $2.51!

Ebook 99 cent sale July 30-Aug 5

The Widow’s Walk: Book Two 

Ebook 99 cent sale August 6-12

Storm Watch: Book Three

Ebook 99 cents sale August 13-19

Stop by the Brewster Chamber of Commerce (where you buy your beach tickets) to pick up a beach pail to help collect asphalt and other trash from the beaches. If you want to weigh it or snap a picture, and post here on or on Facebook or Twitter, I’ll send you a certificate of appreciation.

Book Sale and Signing

Yellow Umbrella Books in Chatham 

Monday July 20  11am -1pm

Free Gifts and Special Deals on the Unfinished Business Series Novels

Signed copies of Kayaking with Kids and Breakwater Beach, The Widow’s Walk and Storm Watch are available at:

The Brewster Bookstore

Booksmith/MusicSmith (Orleans)

The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History (Kayaking with Kids only)

The Brewster Chamber of Commerce (Kayaking with Kids only-all proceeds go to the Brewster Conservation Trust)

The Brewster Historical Society (Breakwater Beach and The Widow’s Walk-all proceeds go to restoration efforts on the Elijah Cobb House)

Yellow Umbrella Books (Chatham)




Carole Ann Moleti lives and works as a nurse-midwife in New York City. She writes both fiction and non fiction that focuses on women’s and political issues. Since 2007, she has published two paranormal romance novels, Breakwater Beach and The Widow’s Walk with the third, Storm Watch, due out in 2017. Short story versions of her urban fantasies are featured in the Ten Tales anthologies.

Carole’ creative nonfiction has appeared in a variety of literary venues ranging from the edgy and irreverent Not Your Mother’s Books to sweet and sentimental selections in This Path, two Thanksgiving to Christmas anthologies, and Oasis Journal, which awarded Carole their first prize for best nonfiction in 2009. “I Will Sleep No More Tonight,” an excerpt from her memoir Karma, Kickbacks and Kids, is featured in the Shifts Anthology, which won the 2016 New Generation Indie Book Award and was nominated for a 2016 USA Book News Award, both in the Women’s Issues category.


FInalKayakCoverSmallBrewsterChambCCLogo4cF (1)

In 2014, Conservation Day volunteers removed over 500 pounds of asphalt from Paine’s Creek and Mant’s Landing! Pick up a pail (and a copy) from the Brewster Chamber of Commerce when you buy your beach pass.



Kayaking with Kids: Easy Cape Cod Day Trips for the Entire Family is for sale in local shops including The Brewster Bookstore, Rail Trail Bike and Kayak, The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, Booksmith/Musicsmith and Yellow Umbrella Books. A portion of sales from the Brewster Chamber of Commerce will be donated to the Brewster Conservation Trust.




The Unfinished Business Series

Breakwater Beach: Book One

Liz Levine is convinced her recently deceased husband is engineering the sequence of events that propels her into a new life. But it’s sea captain Edward Barrett, the husband that died over a century ago, who has returned to complete their unfinished business. Edward’s lingering presence complicates all her plans and jeopardizes a new relationship that reawakens her passion for life and love. What are Captain Barrett’s plans for his wife, and for the man who is the new object of her affections?

* * * *  “…twists and turns, ghosts, heartbreak and determination…”


The Widow’s Walk: Book TwoFinalwidowswalk_200

Mike and Liz Keeny are newlyweds, new parents, and the proprietors of the Barrett Inn, an 1875 Victorian on Cape Cod, which just happens to be haunted. By their own ghosts. The Inn had become an annex of Purgatory, putting Mike, Liz, and their infant son in danger. Selling the historic seaside bed and breakfast was the only answer, one that Liz and her own tortured specter refused to consider. Were they doomed to follow the same path that led to disaster in their previous lives? Was getting out, getting away, enough?



–Definitely a good, engrossing read that is worth a look. I enjoyed it, and thought the concept was fresh and entertaining. I know I always say this but the cover is lovely.                                                                                                              Kate Colbert, NetGalley

Storm Watch: Book Three

Mike and Liz thought they’d gotten control of the specters haunting the Barrett Inn. But things get very complicated when they’re the ghosts from your past life. The Category Five Hurricane bearing down on Cape Cod appears to be headed directly for them–or has it been spawned from inside them? Knowing it’s their last chance to end the hauntings, they face an impossible choice. Will they survive the storm?

****** “a rousing and endearing conclusion to a delightfully haunting romance. ”


Signed copies are available from local shops and bookstores: The Brewster Historical Society, The Brewster Bookstore, Booksmith/Musicsmith (Orleans), and Yellow Umbrella Books (Chatham). Books purchased at the Brewster Historical Society support restoration efforts at the Elijah Cobb house.


Deborah Ann Davis


DEBORAH ANN DAVIS is the author of the quirky Love of Fairs series. Fairly Certain came out in 2014, with Fairly Safe following in 2016. Her third book, Fairly Obvious is forthcoming. Deborah’s writing is influenced by her 25+ years of teaching Environmental Science, Biology, and Earth Sciences to hormonal pubescent teens. Many of her characters are combinations of her students. She is also an Educational Speaker on everything from Teenagers And Science to the Path to Publishing.

As a Certified Personal Trainer, she actively promotes increasing the amount of movement throughout your day via Wiggle Writer posts on her blog, Merry Meddling. Learn more at or follow her @DeborahAnnDavis or @WiggleWriter. You can reach her by email at


Book Two in the Love of Fairs Series

Jacob has come a long way for an orphaned foster kid. He has a mentor, a great job, and has finally fallen in love. Granted, she mistook him for a stalker when they met, but every relationship has its little problems. Unfortunately, for the past few years, as the object of his affection pops in and out of his life, she has refused to share any personal info, like where she’s from, or her real name. Regardless, Jacob is ready to take their relationship to the next level. Now, if only he can locate her so he can tell her.

Deborah5 x 7 75_front_cover_isbn (1)Book One in the Love of Fairs Series

Petir take a rough tumble in the Connecticut woods, and awakens in the middle of old England. His instinct to freak out is tempered by the arrival of a fair maiden wearing a bow… and arrow. In his college world, fair maiden types don’t ordinarily go for computer geek types, but for some reason, he is no longer in his world. Petir is fairly certain he can try whatever he wants in this world, without consequence …but the fair maiden isn’t playing fair.

Signed books are available from local shops and bookstores: The Brewster Bookstore, Booksmith/Musicsmith (Orleans and Eight Cousins (Falmouth).



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