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Breakwater Beach, the prequel will be released in the spring, and I’m busy writing the third book in the Unfinished Business series. I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year, for the first time since I need the collective group mind to keep me focused as I jump in and out of the urban fantasy, short fiction, and non fiction worlds.

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Thanksgiving is less than a month away. Right behind that is Christmas and the New Year. The two big events for then end of 2015 include The Romance Reviews in November and a Coffee Time Romance Forum Event in December. Both require a free subscription to the forums.


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Drea Riley, RaeLynn Blue, Laurel Cremant, Siobhan Kinkade, Selah Janel


“It’s Christmas, Cupid!” By Drea Riley– 12/1/15

“Under the Mistletoe” by Siobhan Kinkade—AVAILABLE NOW

“Holly and Ivy” by Selah Janel—AVAILABLE NOW


Bundled: Mistletoe Dreams– 12/7/15

A Trick of Frost by Drea Riley and RaeLynn Blue

Naughty Klauses by Drea Riley

Winter’s Guard by Laurel Cremant

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About Carole Ann

Carole Ann Moleti lives and works as a nurse-midwife in New York City, thus explaining her fascination with all things paranormal, urban fantasy, and space opera. Her nonfiction, ranging from sweet and sentimental to edgy and irreverent, focuses on health care, politics, and women's issues. But her first love is writing science fiction and fantasy because walking through walls is less painful than running into them. Carole's short fiction has been featured in a variety of speculative fiction venues. Her review and commentary has appeared in Lightspeed, The Internet Review of Science Fiction, Tangent Online, The Portal, and The Fix. Short stories set in the world of her novels are featured in the Ten Tales Series: Ghosts, Bites, Beltane and Seers. Her fantasy horror shorts are included in the Hell's Mall, Hell's Kitties, and Hell's Heart anthologies. The Unfinished Business Series of Cape Cod Paranormal Romances were published by Soulmate. Carole's urban fantasy novel Boulevard of Bad Spells and Broken Dreams will be released by Champagne Book Group April 2022. Her memoir, Someday I'm Going to Write a Book: Diary of an Urban Missionary, chronicles a career as a public health professional in some of the City's most dangerous areas, including the South Bronx, Harlem, and Washington Heights. The title of Carole's mommy memoir, Karma, Kickbacks and Kids, is self-explanatory. Award winning excerpts have been published in a variety of literary venues, including Oasis Journal, This Path, A Quilt of Holidays, the acclaimed Shifts and Impact Anthologies and the Not Your Mother's Books: On Being a Woman and On Being a Parent.


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